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Color Consultation

Color makes your home come alive! 

Choosing colors can be very difficult. It is a long term commitment and an investment in your home. We have extensive experience matching paint colors to complement the existing decor in your home.

Benner & Sons will provide the services of a Color Consultant for our customers who have a signed contract with us. We will happily provide either 1-2 hours of color consultation (depending on the size of the job). After that allotted time, the customer will make payment directly to the Consultant on an hourly basis.

Interior Kitchen

The Color Decision Is Yours, But We’re Here To Help If You Need Us!

Exterior Painting

Did You Know?

Most people purchase the wrong quantity of paint.

To get a general idea of how much paint you will need, calculate the wall surface area (height x width) of all walls combined. You will need approximately 1 gallon of paint for 400 sq. feet of wall space. This is simply an estimate and the exact amount will depend on the quality of paint that is used.
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