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Benner & Sons uses only the highest quality products.

Interior Paints

  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These chemical compounds are responsible for the toxic fumes that pose a risk to your health and the environment. By using low VOC paints, we are doing what we can to keep you, your family, our workers, and the environment safe.
  • Washable. Life can be messy, and that mess can end up on your walls. You need paint that’s easy to clean up.
  • Non-yellowing. Only time will tell if your paint will yellow. Because we have years of experience, Benner & Sons knows which brands to avoid so your color stays true.

Exterior Paints

  • Good surface bonding. Different surface types require different paint formulations for proper bonding. Good adhesion means a longer-lasting flake-free paint job.
  • UV Stability. Summer sun is intense. You need a paint that can withstand exposure to the visible and invisible light spectrum.

In addition to quality house paint, we use the best primers and sealers. We also provide high quality work. We make sure your walls and surfaces are properly covered.

Some of our quality vendors include:

Run A Muck and Countryside Bash Benjamin Moore
Glidden Sherwin Williams
Walquest Wallcoverings
Benner and Sons Painting Cap

Did You Know?

Sometimes you need a coat of primer.

Walls must be primed before applying the finish coat of paint when the surface hasn't ever been painted, when going from a dark color to a light color, when the surface is stained with nicotine, crayon, ink, or has lots of scuff marks.
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